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a punch-up at a wedding

no no no no no no no no

We Pimpz All Da Bitches
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backdrifts--honeymoon is over
Welcome to Wellsicons, the place where mailsi and ruby_shards will be posting all of their icons, layouts, headers, friends only banners, and whatever else our demented little minds can think up (as long as it's image related, of course - our ADD isn't that bad). Here you'll find lots of randomness, buttsecks, comic books, Final Fantasy, and anything else that's currently bouncing around in our twisted little heads.

Feel free to friend and enjoy! We don't bite much. Just a few little nibbles here and there. Nothing serious. No long-term scars.

the gloaming--softly open our mouths in the cold
FIRST: These icons are ours. This means we'd like you to credit us. We don't mind if you take them and use them and show them to all of your friends. We just want all of your friends to know we made them, is all. ♥

SECOND: All textures, brushes, base images, and anything else we might have taken borrowed are credited in THIS post. We don't mean anything against the artists/creatures/whatever who made them. We're using them. See something, like fanart, that's yours and you'd rather us not use? Let us know. We'll remove it. We're civil like that.

THIRD: We love comments. We're going to be vain and say we like to be in the spotlight and get showered with as much attention as we can. We like to know if people enjoy what we're making. So comment, if you would. It'd be awfully nice of you.

FORTH: Don't direct link. Save 'em and upload 'em into your own place, alright? Makes everyone happy.
where i end and you begin
WARNING: This is a crack, slash, femmeslash, het, insanity, Jason Todd, and Radiohead friendly zone. Expect insanity. Expect nonsense. Don't cry to us if we scar you with buttsecks. Quite frankly, we won't care.
the sky is falling in
RANDOM: Where'd the name come from, you might ask. What the hell does "Wellsicon" mean?

We're sisters. Our last name is Wells. Go from there, children. It's not hard.

Also, it's pronounced "Wells-i-cons." Like the "i" in "it." Not "Wells-icons." Wells-i-cons.

Example of crediting: